Pandemic & Beyond: Engaging Our Millennials in the Energy Future

Why Millennials Are the Most Important Generation Now for Oil & Gas and the Key to Our Ongoing Energy Leadership

July 2020

Millennials are poised to become the most important generation for oil and gas — dominating in raw population numbers as well as membership in all its most important stakeholder groups — and will remain so for the next 30 years.

Unless it gains the trust of this generation, the oil and gas industry risks brand damage and stakeholder relationship dysfunction that will prevent it from assuming energy leadership into the future.

In this new Adamantine Energy research report, “Engaging Our Millennials in the Energy Future,” we detail the challenges for oil and gas as the sector works with and among millennials — including understanding and integrating a generation starkly different from previous generations. Failure to recognize these differences as strategic opportunities will create existential risk for the sector over the coming decades.

Source: US Census Bureau, ACS reports