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June 25, 2021 Tisha Schuller
Oil and Gas Leadership: The Framework for Moving from Disrupted to Disruptor

The oil and gas industry is at a crossroads. There is massive disruption underway, accelerated by the pandemic and its legacy. How we choose to handle this disruption will decide not only our future, but the future of energy. When we take the path of least resistance, we continue to maintain (and even fight for) the energy status quo. When we take the path of the disruptor, we seize the opening that today’s disruption offers us to meet the public’s desperate desire for energy leadership. It is only as disruptors that we will lead the way into the energy future.

As part of an Adamantine Foundations series, I begin here making the case for why our current strategies of “educate and engage” no longer work, and why we must shift our mindset to engage proactively and constructively with the disruptions underway. The first three parts in this ongoing series lay the scaffolding for game-changing leaders to understand how Adamantine works with our clients and partners to help them pivot from disrupted to disruptor to build the energy future.


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