Will Texas Ban Fracking in 10 Years?

June 30, 2020 Tisha Schuller
Cover of Will Texas Ban Fracking report
Insights for North America from Colorado’s Quick Flip to Opposing Oil and Gas

Nationally, the oil and gas industry looks to Texas at its homeland. But is it possible that even Texas could become hostile to oil and gas in the next decade? Because if it is possible in Texas, then it’s possible anywhere.

Adamantine Energy has had a front-row seat as Colorado — a state with a 150-year history of oil and gas production — has transformed in the last 10 years from reliably red to undeniably blue, and from widely supportive of that production to openly hostile.

In this research report, we detail the political and demographic trends behind Colorado’s shift on oil and gas and show how they are being replicated in Texas, along with additional dynamics that intensify the potential for Texas to go Colorado’s way.

This research is essential reading for the oil and gas industry across North America as it anticipates and moves to mitigate potential risks from such demographic and political changes.

Texans’ Support or Opposition for Climate and Energy-Related Action 2019


From Yale Program on Climate Change. Copyright 2019 Yale.


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