Adamantine Energy advises energy companies on translating sustainability aspiration into action

Real ESG. Real Decarbonization ®.

Polarization has left energy companies facing an unprecedented set of challenges evolving at breakneck speed—from regulatory burdens to conflicting stakeholder demands. Adamantine Energy partners with your company to build strategies & solutions that anticipate disruptions & allow you to lead into the energy future.


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Real ESG

We partner with you to identify the drivers that should inform your ESG strategy development before helping you build & execute your unique, truly sustainable ESG approach.

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Real DEI

We guide your team to craft realistic and actionable DEI & environmental justice strategies that satisfy your stakeholders’ evolving expectations.

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Real Stakeholder Engagement and EJ

We show you how to turn stakeholders into partners and allies through customized assessment, training & engagement practices.

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Real Decarbonization

We translate your net-zero aspiration into action through creation of a 10-year strategy that fuels your leadership into the energy future.

About the Founder & CEO

Tisha Schuller

Tisha Schuller founded Adamantine Energy to fundamentally change the way the oil and gas industry engages with a skeptical public. She advises executive teams of companies ranging from Fortune 100 energy companies to nonprofit environmental organizations. Tisha serves as a strategic advisor to Stanford University's Natural Gas Initiative, is a board member for numerous academic institutions and think tanks, and is a member of the National Petroleum Council, an advisory board to the U.S. secretary of energy under the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.


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Decarbonization Today

by Tisha Schuller

Oil and gas executives are challenged by their investors, employees, and communities to move beyond aspirational net-zero commitments. Tisha wrote Real Decarbonization ® to ensure that industry leaders could activate their potential to accelerate global decarbonization at speed and scale. Tisha interviewed 20 leaders in and around the industry to provide a practical and actionable guide for leaders to meet today’s fiscal and operational expectations while also dramatically evolving their businesses. Read Real Decarbonization ®n: How Oil and Gas Companies Are Seizing the Low-Carbon Future to get started on your company’s transformation.

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