About Us

Energy development projects today face an unprecedented set of challenges evolving at breakneck speed—from regulatory burdens to shifting public opinion, political divisions to citizen activism, and board concerns to conflicting stakeholder demands.

This rapidly shifting landscape means the old approaches will not work. Successful energy development starts with comprehensive risk mapping and inclusive stakeholder engagement.

  • Adamantine Energy helps energy companies navigate these challenges and forge enduring solutions.
      – We have decades of experience in the energy industry and regulatory agencies—working with a multitude of stakeholders, every level of government, and across parties and ideologies.
      – That experience gives us the vision to see all the dimensions of potential conflict—and how to avoid them—before anyone else.
      – We are honest brokers—combining deep listening, facilitation, negotiation and collaboration as the expedient route to solutions that work.
  • Adamantine’s work is proactive and transformational – not a Band-Aid and not crisis communications.
    We tackle the fundamental challenges of energy development at the root causes – and we help energy companies discover and commit to best development and engagement practices.
    Companies that work with Adamantine emerge with the skills, tools and culture to engage with multiple stakeholders productively.
  • We recognize that trade-offs are inherent in energy development. We work for the best and most inclusive energy outcomes for everyone – industry, government, citizens and the environment. As a result, our work is softening the polarization around energy and energy issues.

 Adamantine Energy is proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Small Business by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

What is “Adamantine”?​

Adamantine is a mythical stone of perfect clarity and hardness. As an adjective, Adamantine can describe a perfect intention or effort. And of course if you’re a silicon valley client of ours, you already know that Wolverine’s claws are made of Adamantium. Adamantine may have magical or mythical properties, and we rely on it all to get the job done for our clients.