Cultivating enduring prosperity with Anthony Oni

October 19, 2021 Tisha Schuller Running time:

Tisha Schuller welcomes Anthony Oni, CEO and managing partner of the Elevate Future Fund at Energy Impact Partners (EIP), to the Energy Thinks Podcast.

Tisha and Anthony discuss:

  • Utilities’ unique role in enabling a just transition;
  • Creating enduring prosperity in underserved and underrepresented communities;
  • Diverse teams and the special skills they bring;
  • ChargerHelp! co-founders Kameale Terry and Evette Ellis and other examples of leaders with unique solutions; and,
  • Anthony’s personal commitment to service at scale.

Anthony Oni is the CEO and managing partner of the Elevate Future Fund at Energy Impact Partners (EIP), an investment firm that invests in companies directly reducing carbon emissions or working toward a net-zero carbon future. He also is the board chairman and founder of Ed Farm, a program in Alabama that provides innovative tools and strategies to increase educational equity. As a game-changing leader in the industry, he has spoken on the need for diversity among the venture capital system and other areas of the energy industry. In December 2018, Anthony founded and became the CEO of Cloverly, a company that developed an API that calculates carbon emissions to help organizations go carbon neutral or carbon negative. He continues to serve as a member of the company’s board. Anthony also served as the vice president for corporate communications at Southern Company Gas from February 2019 to April 2021 and held multiple roles at Southern subsidiary Alabama Power Company from August 2002. He received a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and business from Auburn University in 2002 and completed the executive education program in disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School in 2018.

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[Interview recorded on September 2, 2021]

Cultivating enduring prosperity with Anthony Oni

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