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Let’s Clear the Air: Finding Common Ground on Climate Change

September 13, 2023 Tisha Schuller

Hear Adamantine CEO Tisha Schuller on the Let’s Clear the Air podcast with Adam Murray and Andrew Parker. Tisha and the hosts discuss:

  • Her personal transformation from being anti-oil and gas to the head of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, where environmental activists targeted her family.
  • Her belief that people on all sides of the fossil fuel debate can coexist.
  • How to engage someone opposed to your beliefs in a constructive conversation.
  • Examples of energy companies diversifying and leading into a low carbon future.
  • Finding opportunities in the backlash against ESG, environmental, social, and governance.
  • How she is urging oil and gas companies to be disruptors and become leaders on climate.


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Both of These Things Are True

By Tisha Schuller