Real Decarbonization

We prepare companies for the energy future by identifying tools and partnerships.

Changing demographics, polarized politics, and an energized public affect every energy company today. Your investors, regulators, and community leaders — your key stakeholders — expect company leadership to be able to answer the question, Why should I support your project, which will be in 30 years, when we need to get off fossil fuels today?


Real Decarbonization Toolbox
Articulate where your company fits in a decarbonizing energy system


Decarbonization is different in each oil and gas sector, and leading into the energy future looks different for every company. We strategize with our clients to articulate where they fit in a decarbonizing energy system. From this framework, we assess options and tools for a real decarbonization strategy as your company exists today, and what future innovations could empower.

Our Approach

Our team helps craft an authentic strategy by identifying what investors and stakeholders care about, assessing company values, and bringing diverse perspectives to the table to craft creative, novel, and actionable visions of the company’s role in leading into the energy future.


  • Your leadership will understand the tools and partnerships available to craft your actionable strategy to build the energy future.
  • Leaders will understand the pros and cons of tools, resources, and partners to prioritize engagement and investment actions.
Next Fuels: Hydrogen, RNG, Aviation Fuels
Develop your next-generation energy strategy through innovation and partnership.

Our Approach

Adamantine engages with a wide range of NGO’s, universities, companies, and think tanks that can help elevate your company’s decarbonization strategy. Working with your leadership, we provide lay-of-the-land briefings, assess and support partnerships, and craft research and innovation strategies.


Leaders will have the tools and relationship options to invest in novel, actionable business ventures.

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