Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy

We identify clients’ ESG drivers and guide them through full ESG strategy development and execution.

The expectation that energy companies should assess and disclose ESG factors has become mainstream. Investors and shareholders are demanding companies disclose more information about the risk and opportunities to their operations as they navigate new public and policy pressure. We partner with your company’s leadership to craft a phased, pragmatic ESG strategy that will keep you ahead of your stakeholders’ and investors’ expectations.

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Risk and Opportunity Assessment
Prioritize your optimal ESG actions through an analysis of risks and opportunities.


Today – every oil and gas company requires an ESG strategy. Developing your approach requires a deep dive into your company’s exposure to risk and subsequent analysis to identify opportunities associated with the incessant, disruptive shifts in policy, politics, and social risk.

Our Approach

Few focus on future-proofing your company. We do this by prioritizing opportunities and risks through a pragmatic assessment that includes:
  • Evolving investor expectations,
  • Ever-changing policy,
  • Rise in racial equity and justice action, and
  • Expanding community opposition.


You understand your priorities when it comes to an ESG strategy and have the information you need to seek buy-in and get started.

Full-Service ESG Strategy: Buy-in, Strategy, Execution
Drive ESG success through internal buy-in and mobilization.


Company leaders have their hands full navigating day-to-day trials. Adding ESG is strategic and mission-critical in the mid-term, but business leaders struggle to make the time today.

Our Approach

  • We guide clients through the process of developing and executing a pragmatic ESG strategy that fits their needs today while anticipating the unique expectations of their investors and stakeholders tomorrow.
  • Adamantine has developed comprehensive processes for assessing the need for movement on ESG, identifying broad and specific drivers, garnering buy-in from leadership and/or the employee base, building a strategy of both actions and reporting, and executing the ultimate strategy.
  • Not all companies are in the same place when it comes to reporting. Adamantine helps companies assess the appropriate level, whether it is a community report or full sustainability report. We shepherd the team tasked with ESG execution through the process of developing a report as well as support content drafting, and compliance with mainstream ESG disclosure frameworks.


An impactful ESG strategy that may include actions, commitments, and reporting. An effective ESG strategy will inform broader company strategy and anticipate and mitigate social risk.

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