Will Texas Ban Fracking in 10 Years?

It is my pleasure to share with you Adamantine Energy’s research report, “Will Texas Ban Fracking in 10 Years? Insights for North America from Colorado’s Quick Flip to Opposing Oil and Gas.” We are taking a one-week hiatus from Both of These Things Are True to share this report with you. 

This short, data-driven report details how demographic and political trends in Texas mirror those of Colorado over the last 10 years — and might foretell a sudden loss of political support for oil and gas development anywhere in North America.

As we write in the report: “This isn’t politics; this is risk management.” 

Please feel free to share the report with your colleagues and contacts. And make sure to send me your thoughts and feedback — it will help inform our forthcoming research reports.

I’ll be back next week with the first focus issue of the Colorado series. If this post was forwarded to you, you can subscribe to Both of These Things are True here

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