Veritas: Methane Emissions Measurement and Verification Initiative

A day celebrated and scorned last week—Valentine’s Day—brought something for the natural gas industry and its customers to love: Veritas. ICYMI, Veritas is the name of GTI Energy’s highly anticipated methane emissions measurement and verification protocols for the natural gas value chain. It brings a much-needed consistency to this Wild West space.

What you need to know

As I detailed last year in my BT “Much to Do About Methane,” oil and gas company commitments to cut methane emissions have increased—and with those commitments has come public pressure to demonstrate immediate, transparent, and verifiable action.

Before Veritas, each company reported its own results in its own way. With Veritas, companies can build accurate estimates of their current methane emissions inventories. Veritas provides what companies need: a standardized, technology-neutral, measurement-informed approach to calculating both methane emissions and methane emissions intensity.

What you should do

All of this means that, for the first time, your company can build an accurate inventory of methane emissions to give your stakeholders and investors confidence in your reporting. Bonus: This methodology allows companies to get third-party certified. (Yes, you should.)

For Canadian and U.S. natural gas to meet its promise of bringing energy security and prosperity to the whole world, domestic and international consumers need to have confidence that we have our climate act together. Veritas will be an important part of our efforts.

Now, you do your part!


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