Insights: Investors and Shareholders

Navigating the Anti-ESG Minefield

Just when leaders have started implementation of their ESG plans, the anti-ESG movement is getting some traction. What should you do when you get contradictory ESG messages from important corners?

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Investors Under Pressure: Divestment Loses Ground

Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and resulting tectonic shifts around energy politics, there were signs that the “divest from oil and gas” movement might be losing steam. Investors under increasing pressure to address climate change were starting to fall into two camps: (a) those who would divest and (b) those who would engage with companies to create change.

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BlackRock’s Real 2022 Expectations, Part 1

For the last several years, BlackRock has set the pace for how investment firms will drive ESG performance at portfolio companies. (See our 2020 and 2021 notes on BlackRock.) Larry Fink’s letter to the CEOs of BlackRock’s portfolio companies in January made headlines for its focus on relationships with employees and pushback on divestiture.

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