Insights: Energy Future

Much To Do about Methane

Because reducing methane emissions is an effective step to mitigate climate change, and the oil and gas industry solutions are well known, all eyes are on our industry to lead the way.

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The EJ Evolution

Environmental justice is evolving. With rapidly changing definitions, requirements, and regulations, it is imperative for oil and gas leaders to understand what’s already here and what’s coming next.

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The People of the Energy Future

I’ve talked to dozens of oil and gas executives for my upcoming book — and the more conversations I have and the deeper I get into the writing, the more I realize that every single component of your company’s energy transition strategy needs to be about people.

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The World’s Cleanest O&G On Stage

At CERAWeek earlier this month, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm spoke for the first time in their Biden administration roles about the importance of U.S. oil and gas in the context of overall U.S. energy security.  Game-changing oil and gas leaders are not squandering the opportunity this rhetorical shift has created.

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Both True — Asking New Questions

A theme has emerged in my Energy Thinks interviews with game-changing leaders from Paula Gant to Kevin Krausert:

We need to ask new questions.

In the face of disruption, oil and gas thinking that was once strategic is quickly becoming obsolete.

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