Real Sustainability: How Oil and Gas Can Navigate the Era of Climate Justice & Woke Capitalism

July 23, 2023 Tisha Schuller

Oil and gas are being squeezed today—by climate activists and ESG stakeholder expectations on the one side and a loud anti-ESG, anti-woke capitalism movement on the other. So what’s the smart path forward for our industry? That’s what Tisha Schuller’s new talk reveals.

Oil and gas leaders are caught between the opposing forces of ESG expectations and anti-ESG backlash. And yet leading companies are not only continuing their ESG and decarbonization efforts, they are optimizing them. Why? And, how? In this talk, Tisha conveys what she’s learned from industry leaders since writing her most recent book, Real Decarbonization ®: How Oil and Gas Companies Are Seizing the Low-Carbon Future. The result? Real sustainability work is the missing piece oil and gas leaders are using to rise above climate activism pressure, growing environmental justice expectations, woke capitalism, and empty ESG. Through this talk, you’ll learn: how to reconcile directional ESG pressure with the rapid swings of the political pendulum; what makes ESG and decarbonization real and therefore sustainable; and, how to avoid the political perils of seeming to overreact and then overcorrect to both climate activism and anti-ESG efforts.

For more information about availability or to request a speaking proposal, contact Lindsey Slaughter.

Praise for Tisha’s speaking:

“As a speaker, Tisha made our customers think, laugh, and leave with fresh perspectives that they could take back to their organizations. We can’t wait to have her back at another event.”

– Camilo Amezquita
VP & GM, Williams Northwest Pipeline

“[Tisha’s] valuable insights and unique perspective caused our Board to think differently about how to constructively engage with the disruptions they are experiencing.”

– Dan Kirschner
Executive Director, Northwest Gas Association

“With no hesitation to speak the truth, Tisha is able to open eyes and provoke critical thinking; something that is very important for real leadership during these challenging times.”

– Ken Yagelski
Director of Gas Supply and Gas Control, Southern Company Gas


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