Katie Bays

Director of Sustainable Investment

Katie Bays is a skilled policy and regulation analyst with experience advising companies and policymakers on the impacts of clean energy and climate policy. She has worked extensively with large institutional asset managers, including mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds, advising on policy and political risk to energy companies. Katie has experience speaking to and advising policymakers at the state and federal levels about complex and politically dynamic situations. Her areas of expertise include liquid fuel market policies and incentives; upstream, midstream, and LNG; global energy trade; climate policies, including carbon regulation at the state, federal, and international levels; greenhouse gas emissions analysis and disclosures; ESG analysis and best practices; utility financing and rate regulation; and bankruptcy law and arbitration. She has performed due diligence work for companies investing in clean energy projects and technologies. Ms. Bays previously was senior vice president at the Washington, DC–based investment bank Height Capital Markets and managing director of the financial advisor Sandhill Strategy. She provided economic consulting services to multinational energy companies and law firms. She began her career as a contractor to the Energy Information Administration, conducting data and statistical analyses of energy data.


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