Through major policy proposals, evolving regulatory requirements, and growing stakeholder pressure, environmental justice (EJ) is permeating our permitting and strategy landscape. In this white paper, we explore what you need to know about the current EJ landscape and teach you about the tools to use, actions to take, and mistakes not to make while authentically incorporating EJ into your strategy.
August 2022
This report summarizes our findings and analysis. Our aim: to provide oil and gas leaders with insights and recommendations for meeting the evolving expectations around ESG and honing their ESG propositions into 2022.
January 2022
In this white paper, we outline Adamantine’s approach to ESG and decarbonization strategy development, including key drivers and benefits, available options, and effective ways to get started.
May 2021
In this research report we detail the political and demographic trends behind Colorado’s shift on oil and gas and show how they are being replicated in Texas.
January 2020