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Real Energy: The Now & Future Role of Oil and Gas in Climate Scenarios

April 27, 2023 Tisha Schuller

What you’ll learn below:

  • What’s the real role of oil and gas in the decarbonizing energy future? Our new white paper tells you.
  • Our research: We took a deep dive into 20 of the most cited climate scenarios.
  • Big takeaway: The oil and gas industry will have an essential role to play for decades to come.


Climate scenarios—a critical part of business and policy planning for the energy future—are increasingly misinterpreted to emphasize the need for a fossil-fuel-free future. In Adamantine’s new white paper, Real Energy: The Now & Future Role of Oil and Gas in Climate Scenarios, we analyze 20 different publicly available climate scenarios. The result: These scenarios tell an important story—one that makes the case for the continuing role of oil and gas in the decarbonizing energy future.

We present our findings to

  • Dispel the misconception that we must immediately cease oil and gas use in order for the world to reach its climate goals; and
  • Alert you—the oil and gas leader—that these scenarios present you with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the Real Decarbonization ® economy.

How do you seize that opportunity? By articulating your Real Decarbonization ® plans—informing conversations about climate and energy scenarios instead of reacting to them.

The scenarios have spoken

Our analysis of 20 of the most-cited climate scenarios from leading international organizations conveys some important insights:

  • Most scenarios—even the ones emphasizing the need to reduce fossil fuels—forecast the oil and gas industry’s continuing role in meeting global energy demand.
  • The scenarios show that the energy mix will include oil and natural gas for decades, but the energy mix of the future will not look the same as today’s.
  • They emphasize the need for oil-and-gas-adjacent technologies (e.g., hydrogen, geothermal, and carbon capture), which are critical to reaching our low-carbon goals.

Real Energy dives into these findings and provides key takeaways for real-decarbonization-ready leaders prepared to position their companies to take advantage of the opportunity ahead.

Three ways to put Real Energy to work

  • Download Real Energy. Our report will give you both (a) new insights on climate scenarios, and (b) actionable steps to convey your Real Decarbonization ® strategy.
  • Share with your team. Forward this email to your team members so you can schedule a Real Energy working session to understand the implications for your ESG and decarbonization strategies. Reach out if you’d like us to facilitate the conversation where you consider what our findings mean for your work ahead.
  • Book us for a talk. Interested in learning more about these findings? Several of our staff members are available to conduct in-person and virtual briefings. Reach out to us to for more information on these engagements.

At Adamantine, we believe it is up to us as industry leaders to join in climate conversations and articulate our vision to meet the dual challenge of global energy demand and Real Decarbonization ®. Kudos to my Adamantine colleague Savannah Bush for leading the research and writing of Real Energy.

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