Introducing Real Carbonization

How Oil and Gas Companies are Seizing the Low Carbon Future

Oil and gas executives are challenged by civil society as well as their investors, employees, and stakeholders to move beyond aspirational net-zero commitments. These companies are uniquely positioned for real decarbonization – that is, to make meaningful, pragmatic decarbonization contributions at speed and scale.

These leaders today are expected to articulate tactical plans, make investments, adopt interim targets, and put “steel in the ground” in service of decarbonization and ESG progress.  Company leaders must meet today’s fiscal and operational expectations while simultaneously dramatically evolving their businesses – all with no model to guide their efforts.

Real Decarbonization: How Oil and Gas Companies are Seizing the Low-Carbon Future provides that pioneering model. Author Tisha Schuller — founder and principal of the advisory firm Adamantine Energy — interviewed more than 20 leaders across the energy transformation landscape who are actually doing this work. The result is a roadmap of the steps and structure required for a company to plan, invest, and undergo their unique transformation: their real decarbonization strategy. Schuller dives deep with these leaders to identify what is working, the lessons they learned along the way, and the urgent needs essential to success.

The result: Real Decarbonization is your guide for building a 10-year real decarbonization strategy — a strategy that addresses how your people, systems, training, organizational structure, incentives, and investments will evolve to take advantage of the energy transition by leading it.


Praise for Real Decarbonization

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