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Real Decarbonization ®

November 10, 2022 Tisha Schuller

My new book, Real Decarbonization ®: How Oil and Gas Companies Are Seizing the Low-Carbon Future, is now available!

And I wrote it for two reasons:

  • To share with you everything I have learned about how oil and gas executives and their companies are already taking advantage of the energy transition—by leading it.
  • To help guide you and your company through each step of building your own 10-year Real Decarbonization ® strategy—from your people, systems, and training to your organizational structure, incentives, and investments.

Real Decarbonization ® is your guide for learning how many of the sector’s sharpest leaders are now translating decarbonization aspirations into action. Within, you’ll find excerpts from my conversations with more than 20 leaders across the energy transformation landscape who are actually doing this work. Leaders including Alan Armstrong of Williams, Vicki Hollub of Oxy, Mark Brownstein of the Environmental Defense Fund, and Wouter van Kempen of DCP Midstream convey their advice, insights, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Who should read Real Decarbonization ®?

  • Leaders in oil and gas who want to elevate their decarbonization strategies but aren’t sure where to start;
  • Company board members wondering where to get started on net zero;
  • Employees ready to expand their skill sets for the energy future;
  • Energy transition enthusiasts excited to learn about industry innovations; and even
  • Energy transition skeptics doubtful of oil and gas’s role in the low-carbon future.

Our team at Adamantine is continuing this quickly unfolding conversation throughout the fifth season of our podcast — now called the Real Decarbonization ® podcast. In this season of mini-pods (15 minutes each), you will hear energy and climate leaders give their take on what is coming next in our industry. Check out the first episode featuring Matt Gallagher, who is president and CEO of Greenlake Energy Ventures and who is on the boards of Pioneer Natural Resources and Chesapeake Energy.

The Book and Your Real Decarbonization ® Strategy

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