July 28, 2020

Williams’ CEO Armstrong: Leadership Amidst a Multi-Dimensional Crisis

Tisha Schuller sits down with Williams Companies’ President and CEO Alan Armstrong to discuss leadership during a multi-dimensional crisis and how Williams is reinventing its operations and workforce to lead into the energy future.

In today’s episode, we explore answers to the questions:

  • How is leadership changing in our current time?
  • How is racial equity and justice going to transform the energy future?
  • What opportunities will the new $400 million solar investment provide for Williams Companies?
  • How will the U.S. adjust to continue providing affordable energy as people work from home?

Alan Armstrong has been Williams’ President and CEO since 2011. In that time, Williams has expanded to touch roughly one-third of all natural gas pipelines in the United States. He first joined Williams in 1986 as an engineer after completing his civil engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma. He has held numerous leadership positions within the company such as Sr. VP of Midstream, VP of Gathering and Processing, VP of Commercial Development, and VP of Retail Energy Services. Armstrong serves on the Board of Directors for the American Petroleum Institute and is a member of the National Petroleum Council.

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Running time: 53 min

Featured speakers:

Alan Armstrong

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