April 12, 2022

The Pendulum Train

Tisha Schuller records a mini-episode testing out an idea for her newest book for the Energy Thinks podcast audience.

Tisha is the CEO of Adamantine Energy, where she consults private clients from Fortune 100 energy companies to non-profit environmental organizations in energy policy, business strategy, politics, and community engagement. In Season 4 of the Energy Thinks podcast, she is talking to game-changing leaders in and around the oil and gas industry to prepare for her new book about companies translating decarbonization aspiration into action. Tisha has written two books: Accidentally Adamant (2018) and The Gamechangers Playbook (2020). In addition to hosting the Energy Thinks Podcast, she continues to author the company’s weekly Both of These Things Are True newsletters.

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Thanks to Lindsey Slaughter, Adán Rubio, and Michael Tanner who make the Energy Thinks podcast possible.

[Interview recorded on March 31, 2022]

Running time: 10 min

Featured speakers:

Tisha Schuller

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