December 13, 2021

Shantanu Agarwal’s vision for direct air capture 2.0

Tisha Schuller welcomes Shantanu Agarwal, president and co-founder of Susteon, Inc., to the Energy Thinks Podcast.

Tisha and Shantanu discuss:

  • How direct air capture (DAC) 2.0 builds upon early DAC technology;
  • The enabling component of DAC 2.0;
  • The key solutions to make DAC cost-effective and scalable;
  • Why carbon negative technology will be crucial to our climate goals;
  • The incredible scale required for CO2 removal;
  • The importance of fostering diverse teams; and,
  • The cultural components required to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

Shantanu Agarwal co-founded Susteon, a company focused on hydrogen, CO2, and other low-carbon technologies dedicated to building a cleaner and affordable energy future. Prior to founding the company in January 2018, he served as a partner at EV Private Equity, chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers International, and a member of the Board of Directors at Wireless Seismic, Inc. Shantanu currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors at ProSep and an adviser at Swaniti Initiative. He received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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[Interview recorded on December 7, 2021]

Running time: 30 min

Featured speakers:

Shantanu Agarwal

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