July 15, 2020

Are millennials our secret weapon?

Tisha Schuller sits down with Anne Carto of Adamantine Energy and Michael Tanner of Sandstone Capital Group and host of the 360 Digital Closing Bell Podcast, to discuss how the oil and gas industry can retain, prepare, and empower their millennial leaders to lead into the energy future.

In today’s episode, we explore answers to the questions:

  • What are the unique strengths millennial bring?
  • Are their social forces discouraging millennials from entering oil and gas?
  • How do millennial oil and gas workers view and respond to opposition to our industry?

Anne Carto is the current Engagement Manager for Adamantine Energy and brings unique experience ranging from regulatory navigation to stakeholder relations.  Anne consults up-, mid-, and downstream oil and gas companies on their ESG strategies and how to best navigate uneasy social, political, and regulatory environments for Adamantine.  Anne has held positions with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and is a graduate of Ohio University.

Michael Tanner is the Energy Division Director at Sandstone Capital Group and host of the 360 Digital Closing Bell Podcast on Oil and Gas 360.  Holding dual economics and petroleum engineering degrees from Colorado School of Mines, his quantitative background leads his ongoing work in energy analytics and market intelligence for Sandstone and as a trusted advisor for Adamantine Energy.

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We invite you to consider a donation to this episode’s charity of choice, Oil Field Helping Hands. Founded in 2003, the organization provides financial assistance to oil workers on a need basis.

[Webinar recorded on June 10, 2020]

Running time: 41 min

Featured speakers:

Anne Carto

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