March 30, 2021

Regulated or Rewarded? Navigating ESG with Anne Carto

Tisha Schuller welcomes Anne Carto, Director of Client Strategy and Sustainability at Adamantine Energy, to the Energy Thinks podcast for a dive into the increasing pressure on oil and gas companies of all sizes to address ESG.

Tisha and Anne discuss:

  • The 4 reasons to address ESG now
  • Where to start your company’s ESG strategy
  • Common mistakes that should be avoided

Anne is the Director of Client Strategy and Sustainability for Adamantine Energy and brings unique experience ranging from regulatory navigation to stakeholder relations.  Anne consults up-, mid-, and downstream oil and gas companies on their ESG strategies and how to best navigate uneasy social, political, and regulatory environments for Adamantine.  Anne has held positions with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and is a graduate of Ohio University.

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Thanks to Lindsey Gage, Michael Tanner, and Scott Marshall who have made the Energy Thinks podcast possible.

[Interview recorded on March 18, 2021]


Running time: 40 min

Featured speakers:

Anne Carto

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