June 9, 2020

Our Hiccuping Return to Work

Tisha Schuller shares the May 21 Both of These Things Are True newsletter – The Hiccupping Return to our Workspaces.

Having one eye on the future requires returning to our workplaces with grace, efficiency, and an eye to the next, inevitable disruptions.  We at Adamantine Energy break down a successful return to work strategy into four phases:

  • Designating essential personnel
  • Creating a staged and phased return, being adaptable along the way
  • Discover and embrace an evolved normal – lets stay away from saying “new normal”
  • Adapt to future innovation and efficiencies that may arise

Effective and lasting leaders will humble themselves, avoid all-too-common crisis management mistakes, and lead their organization into a brighter future by listening to their workers’ concerns and asking meaningful questions.

For a guide on how to take the first substantive step toward leading your company or organization, read the original post here.

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Running time: 10 min

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Tisha Schuller

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