June 16, 2020

I Spit-shined the Crystal Ball

Tisha Schuller shares the June 11th Both of These Things Are True newsletter – I Spit-shined the Crystal Ball.

Having one eye to the future requires anticipating social-risk pivots now, before it is too late.  Three broad trends that we at Adamantine Energy believe must be acted upon today and continually monitored are:

  • The return of ESG as an investor priority
  • The recent rise of racial equity and justice movements
  • The demand for adaptable leadership to create the energy future

The route forward through these uncharted waters will require all of our energy, wit, and capacity—life will never return to the social expectations of a mere few weeks ago and backward-looking leaders will not find themselves at the energy future’s negotiation table.

What will effective leaders do to embrace this ever-evolving future? Listen here or read the original post in its entirety here.

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[Originally published June 11, 2020]

Running time: 11 min

Featured speakers:

Tisha Schuller

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