November 15, 2021

Fueling the Workforce with Xuan Yong

Guest host Anne Carto, director of client strategy and sustainability at Adamantine Energy, welcomes Xuan Yong, CEO and co-founder of Workrise, to the Energy Thinks Podcast.

Anne and Xuan discuss:

  • Workrise’s commitment to customers and the skilled labor workforce;
  • Retaining employees that support your company’s mission and vision;
  • What Workrise is doing differently to disrupt the industry through empowering employees;
  • Skilled labor shortages and enhancing workers’ marketability;
  • Building company success by empowering your team;
  • Ensuring corporate employees understand the field experience firsthand; and.
  • Lessons to learn from the changing energy landscape.

Xuan Yong is the CEO and co-founder of Workrise, a workforce management company that provides professional training, networking opportunities, and other resources to people looking for jobs and businesses looking for workers in industries including solar, upstream and midstream oil and gas, wind, construction, and defense. The company, which was previously known as RigUp, was rebranded in February 2021 to reflect its growth across multiple industries and the company’s mission of empowering hard workers. Prior to his start at RigUp in March 2014, Xuan served as an analyst at multiple companies including Citadel Investment Group, Kortright Capital, D.E. Shaw & Co., and Goldman Sachs. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and economics from Texas A&M University.

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[Interview recorded on October 28, 2021]

Running time: 30 min

Featured speakers:

Anne Carto

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