October 6, 2020

Empowering Disruption–Time to Turn the Tables

In a turning of the tables, host Tisha Schuller switches roles and is interviewed by Mike Ming of Ming Energy Partners and Robert Hefner of Hefner Energy as part of the webcast series, “The Future of Energy” produced by the University of Oklahoma Energy Institute at the  Michael F. Price College of Business.

Just how does the oil and gas industry carve out its spot as the leader of the energy transition? How does the industry show that it is not just “your dad’s fuel?”

In this episode, we explore:

  • The public’s climate tipping point
  • How oil and gas leaders must adjust their leadership strategy to meet the moment
  • How to find common ground with opposition and create a shared ambition
  • How to attract and retain young talent to the industry

Tisha Schuller founded Adamantine Energy in 2015 to help oil and gas companies future-proof their businesses against rising social risk. She serves as the Strategic Advisor for Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative. Previously, she served as President & CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association. Tisha serves on many academic and non-profit boards including the National Petroleum Council, an advisory board to the Secretary of Energy under both the Obama and Trump administrations.  Tisha’s book, Accidentally Adamant was published in 2018. Tisha authors a bi-weekly series entitled Both of These Things Are True.

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[Interview recorded on July 29, 2020]

Robert Hefner

Running time: 52 min

Featured speakers:

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