Dan Harple on O&G, Trust, and Transparency

March 28, 2023 Tisha Schuller Running time:
Tisha Schuller welcomes Dan Harple, founder and CEO of Context Labs, to the Real Decarbonization ® podcast. Listeners will hear Dan’s unique perspective on how energy companies can build confidence in their real decarbonization strategies. Dan also relays insight from Context Labs board member Tom Peters and his many books of business management.

Dan is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and built technologies, companies, and products that have been used by billions of Internet users. His current company, Context Labs, is dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and contextualizing the world’s ESG information together with its subsidiary, SphericalAnalytics (S|A), a firm founded in partnership with Jeremy Grantham’s Environmental Trust. Context Labs is Dan’s sixth company, and his previous technology ventures resulted in mergers with companies including Netscape and Oracle. He has a Master of Science from MIT, where he was a Sloan Fellow, and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and psychology from the University of Rhode Island.

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Thanks to Adán Rubio who makes the Real Decarbonization ® podcast possible.

[Interview recorded on March 13, 2023]

Dan Harple on O&G, Trust, and Transparency

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