Anticipating the SEC Climate Rule w/ Kristina Wyatt

September 19, 2023 Tisha Schuller Running time:

Tisha Schuller welcomes Kristina Wyatt, chief sustainability officer at Persefoni, to the Energy Thinks podcast. Listeners will hear Kristina cover what she expects of the upcoming SEC climate disclosure rule.

Kristina started at Persefoni in 2022 as senior vice president of Global Regulatory Climate Disclosure. Prior to her start at the company, she was the senior counsel for climate and ESG to the SEC’s director of the Division of Corporate Finance where she worked on the rule. Kristina also is a former director of sustainability and a former senior counsel at the law firm Latham & Watkins. She received a B.A. in philosophy from Duke, a law degree from the University of Colorado, and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

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[Interview recorded on Aug. 21, 2023]

Anticipating the SEC Climate Rule w/ Kristina Wyatt

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