June 8, 2020

Will Covid-19 accelerate investor and political pressure on energy transition?

Tisha Schuller interviews Katie Bays and Stefanie Miller, co-founders of Sandhill Strategy. Their discussion explores what leaders must consider as they monitor current political and investor trends, including:

  • What do stimulus negotiations and outcomes tell us about politics around oil and gas? Will support for oil and gas companies appear? What ramifications will it have?
  • What kinds of trends are investors watching and weighing in on with oil and gas companies? Are ESG, climate, and social responsibility on their radar right now?
  • How can companies mitigate political risk in this presidential election year?
  • Will calls for “green recovery” in European countries affect U.S. politics?

Stefanie Miller and Katie Bays founded their firm Sandhill Strategy in 2019 to provide institutional investors with predictive, rigorous, and unbiased regulatory and political risk analysis. Both women serve as frequent contributors to major media channels and speak regularly to large groups of investors and companies regarding dynamic political and regulatory risk. In 2020, Sandhill joined forces with the world-class team at FiscalNote and relaunched its products under the name FiscalNote Markets.  Katie double majored in economics and Japanese at the University of Minnesota.  Stefanie holds an MBA from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska in Economics and Political Science.

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[Webinar originally recorded May 6, 2020]

Running time: 32 min

Featured speakers:

Katie Bays

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