May 25, 2021

Amy Harder’s Journalism Mission

Tisha Schuller welcomes Amy Harder to the Energy Thinks Podcast to discuss Amy’s new role with Breakthrough Energy Publishing after over a decade as a leading energy reporter.

Tisha and Amy sit down to discuss:

  • The role journalism will play in the energy transition
  • The consequences of a K-shaped economic recovery
  • Identifying and lowering “green premiums” for clean energy
  • Addressing energy justice in reporting

Amy Harder recently joined Breakthrough Energy as Vice President of Publishing to kick off a journalism initiative that will cover the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition. As a seasoned reporter on the energy beat, Amy has drawn a large following and is respected as a leading voice in energy journalism. She worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal before starting a regular energy column at Axios, Harder Line. A Pacific Northwest native, Amy holds a journalism degree from Western Washington University.

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Thanks to Lindsey Gage, Michael Tanner, and Scott Marshall who have made the Energy Thinks podcast possible.

[Interview recorded on May 3, 2021]

Running time: 43 min

Featured speakers:

Amy Harder

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