June 6, 2020

Planning imperatives for mid-pandemic return to workplaces

Tisha Schuller interviews Paula Gant, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at the Gas Technology Institute on the planning imperatives of a mid-pandemic return to work. They discuss what leaders must consider as they map out their workforce’s return to work, including:

  • What factors and measures should we consider to keep the workforce safe, productive, and available?
  • How do company leaders remain nimble to ever-evolving considerations?
  • Is mental health a corporate concern?
  • Can a plan inspire buy-in and personal responsibility among a diverse work force?

Prior to the Gas Technology Institute, Paula has held jobs at the U.S. Department of Energy, American Gas Association, and Duke Energy and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Auburn University.

“When I am thinking about the future at times like these—What’s next? What’s around the corner? How should I be thinking? —Paula is the person I call.”

-Tisha Schuller

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[Webinar originally recorded April 29, 2020]


Running time: 51 min

Featured speakers:

Dr. Paula Gant

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