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Should We Stop Committing to Net Zero?

The oil and gas industry has entered its third year of net-zero climate commitments. Not surprisingly, these commitments are coming under increasing scrutiny from external stakeholders. Your colleagues might interpret this scrutiny as an annoying drag on their timeline for progress. I propose you instead see it as an invaluable source of perspective.

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Good Conflict, Part 2

When we’re in conflict, we want one thing: for our opponents to see the light! And that’s whether we’re arguing with our kids at home about why they should wash those pants on cold or arguing online about the fundamental uses of oil and gas across society.

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BlackRock’s Real 2022 Expectations, Part 1

For the last several years, BlackRock has set the pace for how investment firms will drive ESG performance at portfolio companies. (See our 2020 and 2021 notes on BlackRock.) Larry Fink’s letter to the CEOs of BlackRock’s portfolio companies in January made headlines for its focus on relationships with employees and pushback on divestiture.

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