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My Pandemic Panacea

If you, like me, are still scrolling through email today, you’re hoping to check easy things off your list.

Try this: List three things you’re grateful for.
I’ve been doing this more or less every day — at the suggestion of Anne, one of my Adamantine colleagues — for the better part of a year. The idea is to give thanks for the non-obvious.

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Both True — Gamechanger’s Series: The Second Disruptor

“Climate” is everywhere. Regardless of political and election outcomes! Energy conversations often feature calls for a “fossil-free energy future” and “making climate a top political and economic priority.” Business, political, regulatory, or community discussions across North America will have climate and decarbonization on the agenda.

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Both True — Gamechangers Series: Oil and Gas’s America

In the United States, we each express our patriotism uniquely according to our political identity and values. While the results of last week’s election will continue to unfold for weeks to come, the election offers American oil and gas leaders an urgent opportunity to express our unique patriotism — by leading the country in this moment of uncertainty toward the energy future we all want.

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Gamechangers’ Series: The First Disruptor

When the pandemic turned the world upside down, it forced us to reckon immediately with three disruptors. I describe them in my new book The Gamechanger’s Playbook: How Oil and Gas Leaders Thrive in an Era of Continuous Disruption.

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