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Research & Engagement Coordinator

Adamantine Energy works with clients ranging from Fortune 500 energy companies to non-profits on understanding and managing political, regulatory, community, and investor risk in the energy business.  Our energy policy consultancy is seeking a full-time Research and Engagement coordinator to help us understand trends, support strategy development, and support the successful execution of client projects.

We are seeking an entry-level hire to help us research and monitor trends and data in energy and public policy to support our strategic thinking and client projects.  For example, trends include public perceptions on climate change, regulatory trends on energy projects, and investment trends related to oil and gas companies.  The successful candidate will also support our team in drafting strategic memos, coordinating event logistics, and developing outreach strategies. Once established, the Coordinator will participate in client meetings and calls to support project manager success.

Candidates should be eager to learn, highly self-motivated, and show a keen interest in problem-solving and high-level thinking.  Candidates should be skilled in Excel, graphing, research outside of traditional google searches and familiar with GIS and data analytics.  Knowledge and interest in energy policy, oil and gas operations, and environmental permitting is beneficial. 

The role will introduce or grow the candidate’s knowledge of oil and gas development, renewable energy, local and state regulatory frameworks and permitting, policy development, stakeholder engagement, legislative activity, political fundraising, investment trends, social risk mitigation, public outreach, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, and other developing trends related to energy projects. 

The role will report directly to with the Engagement Manager and there will be opportunities to collaborate with company leadership.  Work will be largely self-directed and daily work hours will be in an office with generous work-from-home flexibility.   

Anticipated responsibilities:

  • Research legislative, regulatory, and political trends pertaining to energy development
  • Mine data from publicly available sources to support and create client deliverables such as graphs, visuals, and memos 
  • Monitor local, state, and federal policy and regulatory developments
  • Support data analysis and stakeholder mapping efforts for client projects
  • Monitor social media for developing trends
  • Drafting memos and summaries focused on political or regulatory environments
  • Analyzing GIS data for land due diligence

Recommended skills & qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in political science, communications, environmental or earth sciences, or other related field
  • Interest in research, policy development, and strategic thinking
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently to understand team needs, meet project milestones, and complete project on time
  • Ability to collaborate effectively and work as part of a team
  • High-level Excel proficiency
  • Graphing
  • Data analytics
  • Understanding of a range of research and evaluation methodologies
  • Excellent writing skills and experience writing for external publications (websites, reports, newsletters)

Beneficial skills & qualifications:

  • Tableau or data analytic software experience
  • Mapping/GIS
  • Environmental or infrastructure permitting
  • Renewable energy knowledge
  • Upstream and midstream oil and gas infrastructure knowledge
  • Federal energy policy knowledge
  • Campaign finance research

If interested, please send your resume with cover letter specifying your qualifications to Incomplete submissions will not be considered.