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But It Wasn’t Us! Communities Have Zero Tolerance For Your Vendors

July 30, 2019
You have a different company name on your business card and truck than your vendors, but that doesn..

What To Watch: Majors — Trends In O&G Commitments On Carbon

July 25, 2019
One of the challenges of writing Both of These Things Are True is that the prescriptions ..

Authentic Outreach In An Era Of Energy Warfare

July 18, 2019
Twice in the last week, energy executives have asked me my opinion on the effectiveness of two oil ..

Entrepreneurial Spirit – Leveraging Nostalgia For The Future

July 10, 2019
Companies are expending valuable public and political goodwill arguing for their rightful place in ..

What To Watch: Issue #7

July 2, 2019
While we all have our heads down trying to figure out how to permit and operate our projects effect..

What To Watch: Issue #6

June 27, 2019
Colorado just joined Nevada and New Mexico in legislating a response to climate ch..