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Meeting Outrage Skillfully

September 11, 2019
My kids once had to have their own sheriff at elementary school to ensure their protection from ant..

Industry Credibility and the Methane Rule Rollback

September 5, 2019
When you’re explaining, you’re losing. And we’re explaining. Worse, our lawyers are explainin..

What to Watch: Majors – Topic 5, Willingness to Talk About Climate

August 26, 2019
I hear you! Readers have let me know that it’s frustrating that the industry has to think, talk, ..

What to Watch: Majors – Topic 4, Nudging Trades to Align with Climate Goals

August 22, 2019
I used to run a state oil and gas trade association, so I can tell you firsthand that our job was t..

What to Watch: Majors – Topic 3, Policy Commitments

August 8, 2019
It’s easy to get caught up in the political polarization around climate and carbon policy. Nevert..

What To Watch: Majors – Topic 2, Decarbonizing Commitments

August 8, 2019
To our knowledge, only one international major, Shell, has had a group of investors buy its st..