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Both True: Protect the Asset

April 9, 2020
As we enter week four, even my relentless rose-colored glasses are becoming fogged by endless video..

Yesterday’s Elections: Three Tips to Keep Your Eye on the Local Government Prize

April 8, 2020
Local elections around the country are being held this spring and many Colorado localities chose ne..

One Eye Part 3: It’s Time to Give Back Out There

April 2, 2020
As we enter week three, it’s time for oil and gas leaders and employees to swing into public view..

One Eye Here, One to the Future: Part 2

March 26, 2020
Every week is crazier than the last – so we at Adamantine are giving you this moment to pause and..

Building Community Trust: One Thing Your Oil & Gas Company Can Do Today

March 24, 2020
by Anne Carto Three weeks ago, our daily lives were already consumed by instantaneous informatio..

One Eye Here, One to the Future

March 18, 2020
It is taking an extra measure of concentration this week to get anything done. We are all in a coll..