Introducing The Gamechanger's Playbook

All of us who work in oil and gas feel the press of massive disruptions affecting our industry. An increasingly hostile – or at best skeptical – public is demanding an energy system at odds with the energy system as we know it.

As an oil and gas leader, you feel enormous pressure to seize this moment — not just to survive, but to find a path to unequivocal success for your company and the world. To lead a thriving energy industry into an inclusive future that embraces the disruptions we now face. But how?

The Gamechanger’s Playbook is written for you – oil and gas leaders – both to make sense of this moment and to help chart your leadership path ahead. In a world of continuous disruption, this book is your key to becoming a disruptor – the game-changing leader who anticipates the future and sets its agenda.  

Let’s go build the energy future.


Praise for The Gamechanger's Playbook

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