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Tisha Schuller

The Gamechanger's Playbook

The disruptions of the last year have upended our lives and created unprecedented risks for the oil and gas industry but they’ve also created an opening for oil and gas leaders to seize the energy future. In this keynote talk, Tisha addresses themes from her 2020 book The Gamechanger’s Playbook: How Oil & Gas Leaders Thrive in an Era of Continuous Disruption. She outlines the three disruptors that have changed the risk landscape for oil and gas companies; the three timeless values that oil and gas leaders have drawn from for generations; and the three gamechangers that will allow our industry to move away from being disrupted to being the disruptor. Learn how you, the game-changing leader, can turn the risks of this moment into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for leadership.

Anne Carto

How to Plan & Execute Stakeholder Engagement Now

The public is hotly debating energy development in all forms —  so it’s the perfect time for your company to understand how to effectively and proactively communicate with stakeholders and the public. In this talk, Anne provides an overview of public sentiment challenges and community engagement practices from around the country to help describe the landscape and how to develop impactful strategies. You’ll learn how she guides clients through stakeholder mapping, determining appropriate communication strategies for different audiences, and incorporating public input.

ESG in Small Steps

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategies are key to the operational sustainability of oil and gas companies of all sizes. Anne —  Adamantine’s ESG Lead  reviews what’s driving ESG strategy adoption, the impactful steps all companies can take no matter their size, and how your company can get started on ESG strategy development today. Anne also analyzes numerous real-world examples to emphasize the practicability of developing a thoughtful strategy.

Employee Interaction with the Public

Whether it is presenting at a required community meeting, educating a civic group about your industry, or answering a landowner’s questions when they stop by a project site, your employees can be your company’s best advocates and experts — if they feel prepared. Anne distills Adamantine’s best practices for public engagement to guide your leadership and employees on how to answer difficult questions about operations with authenticity and empathy.

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