Our Expertise


We identify clients’ ESG drivers and guide them through full ESG strategy development and execution. 

The expectation that energy companies should assess and disclose ESG factors has become mainstream. Investors and shareholders are demanding companies disclose more information about the risk and opportunities to their operations as they navigate new public and policy pressure.

We partner with your company’s leadership to craft a phased, pragmatic ESG strategy that will keep you ahead of your stakeholders’ and investors’ expectations.

mitigating your company's social risk

We help companies identify and navigate broad and project-specific social risk.

Adamantine defines social risk as the combined political, policy, and community factors that could delay, increase the costs of, or stop your project. Our team’s deep experience working across a broad range of stakeholders  including investors, environmental groups, regulators, 

 activists, local governments, residents, and community leaders – allows us to help our clients chard a part forward in increasingly challenging times for any land use development.

We prepare companies for the energy future by identifying tools and partnerships.

Changing demographics, polarized politics, and an energized public affect every energy company today. Your investors, regulators, and community leaders – your key stakeholders – expect company leadership to be able to answer the question, 

Why should I support your project, which will be in 30 years, when we need to get off fossil fuels today?