Laura Horowitz

Laura Horowitz is a Research Coordinator for Adamantine Energy. In her role, she researches trends pertaining to energy development, aids in client projects, and monitors policy and regulatory developments. Laura brings scientific research expertise including genetics, physics, and biological studies. She has been a project manager for the past two years focusing on research goals, statistical and geographical analysis, and developing presentations. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Fisheries Science’s from Mansfield University and a Master of Science in Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture from Mississippi State University. Laura has a professional certification in geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing from Michigan State University and is a published author for scientific publications. Laura is dedicated to the natural world and improving it for the better. When Laura is not working, she loves being outside, finding any reason to swim, catching up on her passion for herpetology and ichthyology, working out, and finding the finest sushi and Chinese buffet establishments.