LaTorria Sims

LaTorria Sims is a Project Manager for Adamantine Energy. In her role, she researches trends in ESG, legislation, energy and environmental regulation, and environmental justice to efficiently execute client projects. LaTorria brings a depth of experience in environmental science, regulatory affairs, renewable fuels and bioenergy, chemical manufacturing, and downstream oil and gas operations. She has years of experience as a liaison with government officials and extensive experience in compliance management, air and water permitting, regulatory monitoring, and employee health and safety. LaTorria holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemistry from Mississippi College and has conducted research in organic and environmental chemistry. Prior to joining Adamantine, LaTorria served as an environmental, health, safety, and quality manager in the Atlanta area. She is passionate about environmental justice, energy regulations, decarbonization research and development, and workplace safety, holding a nationally recognized certification as an Associate Safety Professional. Outside of work, LaTorria enjoys gardening, attending sports events, and connecting with friends and family.