Jens Hybertson

As Adamantine’s Research & Engagement Coordinator, Jens supports the firm’s trend monitoring and analysis activities, strategy development, and project execution. He brings clients a depth of experience in environmental policy analysis, market and project due diligence, and the thoughtful positioning of corporate strategies, initiatives, and business models within the environmental, political, and investor landscapes. With a background in the clean-tech sector, Jens spearheaded the environmental thought leadership strategy and relevant content development for an advanced waste-to-energy technology company, working to shift incumbent public narratives and position the company’s core offering as an intra-sector environmental solution. In this role, he led project-level due diligence activities in consideration of public/private infrastructure development and provided advisory support to corporate partners and investors on commercial technology deployment efforts. He served as a co-presenter on the company’s technology and environmental attributes at the Municipal Waste Management Association’s 2019 Fall Summit, and supported monitoring of commissioning and ramp-up activities for the company’s first commercial-scale technology applications. Jens is passionate about the pragmatic examination and communication of tradeoffs inherent to the energy transition, and his work is dedicated to unlocking lasting economic and environmental upside throughout value chains in order to forge a practical and resilient energy future. Originally from Boulder Colorado, Jens holds a BA in environmental policy from Green Mountain College and can be found moonlighting as a violinist and outdoor enthusiast in his spare time.